Video Interview with AdHitProfits CEO Charles Scoville

If you are looking for an ethical and legal money making on-line business you have come to the right place.  Just listen for yourself and see Charles Scoville here on video being interviewed.  I like a person who has integrity who is making a difference to on-line businesses.  He tells us about his family, his background, where he started, his experiences on the Internet and why and how he started this business. Listening to him you will start to understand why he is having great success in such a short time. You will learn so much about how online businesses work behind the scenes from this interview with Charles.  What makes online businesses sustainable, why Payza the payment processor only chooses certain businesses to supply their services to and a lot more.  After viewing the video I was so impressed with the content and his jovial manner and personality, I had to write this straight away for my readers and subscribers.

Current Alexa traffic ranking for the AdHitProfits website as of today is 5,971.  For the latest update click here

An Interview With Charles Scoville (Owner of AdHitProfits) – We asked him some TOUGH questions – just see how he handles them!!

My own Journey with AdHitProfits

I started this program on 2nd of May 2013 with $45 for one listing.  I requested a withdrawal of my profits on 14th May and this was received to my payment processor within 2 hours.  I have since bought another Revenue Adshare for $45.

Communication and Transparency

I love the communication and transparency that Charles brings to the business with the Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Skype rooms where he is constantly active talking and helping members with the help of his Admin Team.  The company also provides weekly live video webinars which are recorded to give training to new members or people looking at this business for the first time and includes updates for existing members.

If you wish to know more about this business, please contact me by clicking the Contact menu on this blog and choosing your preferred way of contact. Thank You

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2 responses to “Video Interview with AdHitProfits CEO Charles Scoville

  1. What a great interview! He appears to be very transparent and genuine. I receive many multiple payments. Fast and easy! This is a great blog..thanks for putting it out here!

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