AdHitProfits – is so compliant with US Regulations at last a business built to last (WTG)

This is such a wonderful find, a CEO of a money-online business on the internet on video, telling us about his family, his background, where he started, his experiences on the Internet and why and how he started his business.  Yes, Charles Scoville CEO and founder of AdHitProfits Advertising business spills all and educates us on why HYIPs only last a few months, why Payza will only work directly with certain businesses.

(Friends who have been online for a while now and have been scammed many times – you are so going to appreciate this – Jesus Christ is Lord!!)

Listen to Video 1 and you will  know with great relief that this business is compliant with the USA government.  Payza deals directly with AdhitProfits because it is neither a HYIP nor an MLM.

Video 1: AdHitProfits webinar 05-02-13 / Intro to AdHitProfits with the owner of AdHitProfits Compliance confirmed on Video which also covers how to get this business up and running in the first 22minutes.

Video 2: Brilliant Training on AdhitProfits webinar 05-16-2013 by Ernest Ganz

Video 3:
For that amazing Webinar interview with Charles Scoville CEO click link

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