Penny Matrix My Earnings and Matrix Overspill Proof 35 Million Will Join


Penny Matrix

How did this all start?

On Friday 26th July 2013 late evening, I received a call from Darren Barton my business partner to say we were launching the team build for Penny Matrix and could I get my leaders signed up.  So working all weekend and within 48 hours I was able to put in a team of 29 people, my 3 Team leaders: Raymond Merritt, Mick Barratt and Shaun Pirie found 16 and I found another 10 who said they trusted me enough to jump in 🙂 all at short notice.  We started this business on Sunday 28th July. My earnings for just those few days in July was $20.10 and this was subsequently paid into my Paypal account on 15th August 2013.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Amounts earned will vary based on the efforts that you put into this business. The earnings stated here does not imply you will end up with the same results.

July earnings

Update from 1st – 24th August 2013 and this is just the start.

my progress since July 29th

My Matrix from 28 July now has 169 people on 8 August

On 8th August my Martix was 169 so in just 16 days on 24 August it had increased by 320 to 489.


24 August Matrix update
24 August 2013 my Matrix Update
August 2013 earnings adjusted

August earnings up to 31st

August payment 12 Sept penny Matrix

Matrix 5 September 2013

My Matrix growth 5th September 2013

Matrix 8th Sept 2013 in 6 weeks

My Matrix Growth on 8th September 2013 all in 6 weeks

Matrix 15 Sept 2013

My Matrix reaches 700 on 15 September (7 weeks)

My Matrix is now filled from level 1 to 5, I am constantly receiving overspill from above me to help fill my levels 6 through to 14.  I now have in total 28 personal referrals in my front line and have given away 18 referrals to my team members.

With the event of paid signup recruits coming from Pinoy Recruiters in the next 14 days onward all of us in Penny Matrix who are sitting underneath Tracy Davison (the CEO of Pinoy Recruiters) will receive a tsunami of overspill.  This is such an amazing opportunity.  Many will miss it sadly because they are too skeptical, however the people who are reading this and have vision have an great opportunity to get into the matrix before it reaches down to level 512.  Tracy Davison has said that anyone within these levels will have full matrix from the efforts of Pinoy Recruiters.  10,000 of these recruiters will be bringing in 5 people each, every day so that is 50,000 people Monday – Friday.  Just do the maths 50,000 multiply by 20 days in one month = 1 million recruits….and that is just the start.  So you can see why we are so excited.  If you can see the big picture and want in after reading my other detailed articles on Penny Matrix in this blog, then what are you waiting for? Contact me NOW!!  Paying just $7 per month is a No-Brainer!! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Compensation Plan Explained in Depth

Here is another great video with Tracy Davison and his fiance Niecel Jugno explaining in English and Tagalog (an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by a quarter of the population of the Philippines), How You Can Become A Millionaire With Penny Matrix…This Opportunity Is Open To Everyone Who Is Looking To Make A Serious Income In A Very Short Time Within The Next Few Months.

Many people call it a “WOW deal”. Why? Now where else has this much been offered and all for only $7 a month. So what are you waiting for?

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One response to “Penny Matrix My Earnings and Matrix Overspill Proof 35 Million Will Join

  1. What a brilliant article indeed, as a beneficiary of the swift work by Darren and Sandy , I am delighted to be a member of penny matrix , great things are about to happen, I urge you to contact Sandy and get more details or just get in and start earning , it will be the best $7 you could spend .

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