Xplocial My Experience and Earnings with Income Disclaimer


Sadly Xplocial is no longer a viable business for my team January 2014

As I wrote up in this blog on 2nd July 2013 that I had started my Xplocial business with a bang.  I just wanted to share a quick update that I do get paid on a weekly basis directly to my bank account/debit card.  I am so pleased with Xplocial, Larry Marcus is a great CEO (or as he likes to call himself CAO).  He gives one weekly training/news updates webinar and a Google Hangout every week.  He is such a lovely man approachable on my Skype and on Facebook, a great leader for the business.   As my team are part of the Elite Global Success Team Downline Club (EGST) and Winning Concepts and Team Tsunami all our team members have the opportunity to join Penny Matrix for $7 per month which gives them access to Pinoy Recruiters, who will join their Penny Matrix business, then those recruits will then come into Xplocial, so we really do have exciting times ahead of us.

Gone are the days last year 2012 when most of us started on-line and we were newbies not knowing what is real out there for making money and we certainly got conned and fleeced by a lot of these hyips and so called rev share companies. The only decent  rev share company out there in my opinion and honest owner is Charles Scoville of Adhit Profits.  He has had the hit and run guys who just come into his business, they don’t build a team because they don’t care about anyone but themselves and they put a lot of money into his company and then take out extraordinary amounts to make a killing then they move on to the next one.  There is so much to learn on-line, however with my skills and maturity with dealing with people I have found great friends to work with like Darren Barton, Shaun Pirie, Mick Barrett, Bart Janssen, Raymond Merritt and many more.  Connecting to your spirit man helps you to discern.  It is so amazing how we have all kept going after the rip off’s with Profitable Sunrise, Hourly Rev Share you name it we have been there and got the tee-shirt..  We do look back and wonder what on earth were we thinking, but it is never any point in beating yourself up, as it is all part of the journey of life.  So we have picked ourselves up very painfully with all our financial challenges and we are steadily beginning to reap the fruits of our labour, by working with the right companies.  So back to my Xplocial payouts you can see evidence below of my commissions paid 🙂

Gold memberships 1 Gold1Platinum payments received 1


Xplocial pays you 100% Commissions, if you are in Empower Network and Pure Leverage or Power Lead Systems these companies have a very similar payout structure.  I have also upgraded to Platinum membership so that I receive the benefits of both the Gold and Platinum packages.  Once members upgrade to Platinum at $100 and pay their $29 Gold Membership my earnings will go into Thousands $$$$ each month.  Their Affiliate fee of $24.95 is always paid directly to the company Xplocial.

The Gold Membership

Our GOLD Membership Plan Is Just $29 Monthly and entitles you to give away Exciting All-Inclusive Vacation Getaway Packages, Luxury Cruise Packages, Shopping Discounts And More To Your Clients and Customers. You can giveaway as many Sales Incentives as you want without having to worry about cost.

The Platinum Membership

Our PLATINUM Membership Plan is Only $100 Monthly (You must also be a Gold Member)
and includes both online and offline business building tools and world-class Sales and Marketing Training.

Platinum Level

When members upgrade to Platinum Level you will have access to the website builder

Xp website Builder

So if you are looking for an on-line network marketing company which you can work offline why not take a deeper look at Xplocial? everything about the business is covered in this blog in previous posts which I have written.

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The decision to join any program is yours alone.  Due to the high yield/high risk nature of many of today’s internet-based programs; it is important that any funds placed are funds that you can afford to lose.

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