Join Penny Matrix Before The Tsunami Hits In The Next Few Weeks 1 Million People

logo Dear Friends and New Readers

You are blessed and privileged to know this information I am writing here.  As myself and my team and many others are early birds in this program.  When 250,000 join in the next few weeks, myself and everyone in this business will have our matrix filled to the maximum.  What does this mean? $6,553 per month directly into our bank account.

Yes you got it $6,553 paid to you every single month.

Now if you join and share this with your friends and family and let’s say you sign up just one person you will earn $6,553 x 2 per month.
What is an Early Bird?  The early birds are the people like me who have got in early.  There will be a total of 250,000 early birds and they are being placed into the system as I write.

So are YOU ready to jump in?

Just imagine if you come into this business and just pay $7 per month, that is all, you can download ebooks from the website and also sell them from the site for more money if you want to and get placed in a matrix where if you work hard you can turn your hard work into a fortune.
I have personally referred 57 people to far to this program.  I have given away 18, so lets do the maths 39 x $6,553 per month..I know it is probably hard for you to comprehend but this is all true as my word.  When you mix and collaborate with the right people and you all have the same mindsets and you really tell yourself that you are worth a million $ and more and you all find the right vehicle and work hard with good work ethics then you will only have success.  When you share with others it can only come back to you too.
So I am sharing this opportunity again with those of you who are now wide awake.  Do you want to change your financial circumstance, your money blue print?? because this is an opportunity that I am giving you to do this.
Please make haste and check out the rest my blog here and my earnings and why 250,000 people onwards up to 35 million and beyond will be joining this home based business.  When you have such a passion like Tracy Davison the Millionaire MLM Networker to change the world and to give people real financial freedom then you will understand.  He has created a system and is using this in the Penny Matrix company which has been around for the past 4 years.  As I say read all my previous blog posts watch the videos so that you have full knowledge and understanding.
Do you want financial freedom, to pay the bills, quit the job and do what you and your family and friends want to do?  Well here is your chance, don’t squander it.
I write from the heart because I care I want people everyone to have success and you can have it with this business just for $7 per month on a debit card/credit card visa/mastercard.  Only real companies can have merchant accounts on their website.
This is my latest payment which went straight into my PayPal account on 10th October and the amount of people that are in my matrix, remember I did not put them all in, I am getting overspill.
Final for Japan Team - Sandy Grey Penny Matrix
I had a Japanese team asking for my proof so that they can promote in a video.  So I put the graphic above together for them to be in keeping with their  existing video.  So what to do next? read everything, look at the videos and read my previous articles in this blog about Penny Matrix and SIGN UP without delay, this is URGENT If you want financial freedom then here is the key.  When you sign up go and share it with your friends and family.  Just sharing with one other person who does the same like you will give you $6,553 per month every that is how simple this business is to do.
Penny Matrix Update 4th October – Tracy Confirms we are the first of 250,000 needed to fill our Matrix 

How To Recruit – Training by Tracy Davison CEO of Pinoy Recruiters  – ANYONE Can Do This!!!!
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The decision to join any program is yours alone.  Due to the high yield/high risk nature of many of today’s internet-based programs; it is important that any funds placed are funds that you can afford to lose. is ONLY an informational blog and shall NOT be taken as a personal financial advice since we are NOT an investment advisor or U.S. dealer, trader, broker, or banker. Upon reading this blog, you hereby acknowledge this warning and Disclaimer. All programs referenced in this blog is only to provide researched findings, experiences and to inform free members, therefore, you agree that all information, communications, and materials you will find on this blog are intended only for informational and educational matter and NOT to be taken as an investment advice. All non passive or passive income programs contained on this website pose potential financial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all members. Any references to other websites must be carefully reviewed by the potential members, as is NOT liable for any results or outcomes.


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