AdExperts Advertising Is The Best!! How I earned USD$6,000k In One Day

1174953_226875747467332_593677736_nReading the heading here you might have thought that I had gone crazy, but no.  I wrote in this blog back in September 2013 that AdExperts is going to be an amazing venture for people who are interested in driving traffic to their businesses whether on-line or off-line and it is certainly turning out to be just that.  Early days, however because myself and my teams have jumped into this while it is in soft launch we have already reaped the benefits of people looking at our businesses because of the advertising. I made a sale of an affiliate product on the Clicksure website in 2 days after my Advert was placed on the website.  I have never done that before and am so impressed.  With a 125 x 125 banner ad just costing a one time fee of $420 which you get back when you cycle through the cyclone funnel really makes this a no brainer!!! Then I earned $6,000k in just one day….

6000 impressionsThe owner of AdExperts Matthew Toren, is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and co-founder of He is co-author, with his brother Adam, of Kidpreneurs and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right (Wiley). He’s based in Vancouver, B.C.

Daniel Butts the developer he and Matthew are cousins, and Bart Janssen, our business associate who has been involved in all of the beta-testing, all worked tirelessly to get the merchant account on board the website so that people wanting to join can now pay by Visa/Mastercard.  The road was very tough in getting this done, meetings with Ipayout the Ewallet that our commissions gets paid to and Allied Wallet who all wanted all the usual paperwork e.g. business registration papers, identification, samples of the product and evidence that this business was working.  This process took over 30 days to achieve.

In my first week after selling that product via someone clicking on my Advert, I also made back my initial $400 investment when I had move through the cyclone funnel because I had two people who I had personally referred.

sandy grey 1st payout from AdExperts 2 Oct 13

Only needing to have one of my personal referrals qualified (they have to personally refer two people) this  pushed me into the Tornado funnel and back into the cyclone funnel which gave me another 125×125 Advert.  This week I dropped through the Tornado funnel and made $7,000. I have been automatically re-entered into the Tornado funnel to go through the process again.  A nice process to have earning $7,000 and $400 over and over without any out of pocket expense and receiving a 125 x 125 Advert every time to promote anything that I like.  As one of my personal referrals followed me into the Tornado I made $1,000 on Wednesday 23rd October.  I then awoke on Thursday 24th October and realised I had earned another $1,000 and before the end of Thursday just before midnight I earned another $5,000 in commissions as other people from different teams I do not know joined me in the Tornado funnel.  So I have earned $7,400 in less than 30 days. To understand fully please see the corporate video below in this article.

$7000 made today 25 October - Proof of Earnings

We have been promoting this business with Live Google Hangouts which are recorded.  Team Tsunami has also partnered with ourselves on this venture.

Please watch this corporate video which has just been released by the company there is a Spanish speaking video as well to understand how I was able to make $6,000 in one day.

A Live Google Hangout with Myself, Mike Hampton, Ria Taverne and Trent Rojas 29th October 2013 

A Live Google Hangout with Bart Janssen, Charle Andrade, Mark Hudson, Sandy Grey and Stef Allum recorded today 26th October 2013 – Mindset Training

A Live Google Hangout with myself and Stef Allum recorded today 25th October 2013

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