MMO Cashout Video Games Prelaunch 4,200 joined in 12 hours

Referral link - Truly incredible 4,200 people joined MMO Cashout in 12 hours and 5,000 in 36 hours over this weekend.

What a day it was on Thursday 30th January I had 3 hours sleep then woke up for 5am Friday morning for the launch. Then it was delayed then went back to bed at 9am then awoke at 2pm then back and forth with many team members.  Then it was off and I was gutted, had dinner came back at 10pm and thought I was dreaming when one of my team members said launch in 1 hour lol. So I had to rally around my team members again and I just had to wait with my back office open for my referral link to appear, which I then rushed out to all my team. I was up until 03:42am. I awoke the next day at 2pm and found that I had a Total of 176 Villages in my Kingdom and Earnings of $67 in taxes WOW!…magic.

I wrote on my Facebook: Having fun I have never been so excited my villages have gone into 3 figures on awaking an hour ago I am blown away this will net us more than Penny Matrix in a short space of time…hence I started my marketing back in November I am waking up everyday to people optin to my wix site and want to join WOW!!! AWESOME!!

So as I write this Monday morning 3rd February 2014 – 24 hours later I now have Total  of 191 Villages in my Kingdom  and Earnings ( Taxes) of $84.50 already. I spoke with two of my team members and one has overspill from me of 31 villages and another 50 so well pleased for them.  I have been placed high in the matrix with my team with my sponsor Darren Barton and Bart Janseen and Charles Andrade just like we did in Penny Matrix, and millions are yet to come in.


My Referral Link
Your probably crying out for my referral link by now so here it is


How to Earn While Playing Video Games with MMO Cashout

To earn an income with MMO Cashout you only need 2 kindreds (personal directs referred by you).  Then if you have villages (spillover) then you can start paying taxes (earning). However, to earn the full potential you just need 7 kindreds to collect taxes on 2 million who will eventually be in your matrix. However, even if your matrix is only 10% full you would still be earning a life changing income.

Gamers will join this business in droves once the games are on the website within the next 60 – 120 days, so subscribe here to get my email updates.
This is my own website – had to put the html code here for it to work 🙂

Compensation Plan

comp plan for mmo cashout

Compensation Plan Video


MMO CASHOUT and the entire MMO Community has been vetted by one of the worlds top MLM Attorneys Kevin Thompson!!

Kevin has confirmed that we are 100% compliant, legal, and our company will last long term, stable, and keep on growing!!!

In fact, Kevin even helped to write the TERMS and CONDITIONS for MMOCO and Buy IT and the rest.

So please share our wonderfully legal business with confidence!!!


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Some Gamer Stats

Four million people played the U.N. World Food Programme’s “Food Force,” an educational game in which players must distribute food to famine-stricken countries, during its first year.

Today’s Gamers

30 – The average age of today’s gamer.

13 – The average number of years gamers have been playing.

68% – of gamers are age 18 or older.

45% – of gamers are female.

62% – of gamers play games with others, either in-person or online.

36% – of gamers play games on their smartphones.

25% – of gamers play on their wireless device.

Parents of Gamers

89% – of parents are present when games are purchased or rented.

88% – of parents feel that the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system is helpful in choosing games for their children.

86% – of parents believe that the parental controls available in all new video game consoles are useful.

71% – of parents believe game play provides mental stimulation or education.

59% – of parents believe games encourage their family to spend to time together.

Source: The Entertainment Software Association (ESA)


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