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WOW!! I am so excited my friend Brian Knoke in Australia left me a message Skype message early this morning.  I only take notice of people who have built rapport with me.  So I looked at his video and that was it.  My friend Charles Scoville CEO of AdHitProfits has joined this and because Charles is credible, his programs continue to work and he has been on-line for a few years now…so after watching the video here by him, I had to jump in.  This simple business has taken all the problems out of other programs and given us something refreshing that will work for people who do not have the art of sponsoring/referring others.

This program is a advertising platform for serious entrepreneurs who knows that when you have an on-line business you need to spend money to get traffic to your offers.

This program is a straight line cycler. You pay a one time registration fee of $10, and you then buy an advertising position of $25.


  • No Sponsoring
  • Earn over and over again
  • No Stacking at the Top
  • 3 Tracks, $110 payout and 5 re-entries, all for one time purchase of $25
  • Monthly Subscription of $25 taken from earnings
  • Delayed re-entries of 1 hour and 24 hours
  • Can Purchase maximum of 5 positions every 24 hours
  • Referral Commissions on re-entries too.  (2 levels: $10, $5)
  • We accept Egopay, Perfectmoney and Solidtrustpay.
  • Receive 10K traffic to your business that you can assign to any campaign you want.

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How Does It Work?

Charles Scoville explains everything about this business here

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Recap On How it Works

Track 1
4 positions coming in under yours creates a cycle.

You can purchase a maximum of 5 positions every 24 hours

$20 Cash to Your Ewallet
(can withdraw or repurchase again)

Re-Entry to Track 1,
After delay of 1 hour

Entry to Track 2

Track 2
3 positions coming in under yours creates a cycle

$25 Cash to Your Ewallet
(can withdraw or repurchase again)

Re-Entry to Track 1,
After delay of 1 hour

Entry to Track 3

Track 3
2 positions coming in under yours creates a cycle.

$65 Cash to Your Ewallet
(can withdraw or repurchase again)

3 Re-Entries to Track 1,
After delay of 24 hours

In Short, $25 Advertising Positions Turn Into $110 Earnings For You Fast!

Again, and again!!!

Don’t waste a minute more, get started now!

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As Charles says “This is a plan that can truly change your life, and help you make a lot of money this summer.

1-time $10 registration

$25 advertising position (limit of 5 per day) turn into $110 earnings for you fast!

All of this is done through a company forced matrix. No need to sponsor anyone, but super large bonuses if you do! (that will really add up fast)

This means, everyone is pushed from Track 1 to Track 2, and on to complete Track 3 without referring.

When you refer.. you’ll make $10 each time your referrals complete track 1 and make $5 each time level 2 referrals complete track 1.

Compare that with mlm companies that pay you $4 or just $1 per referral per MONTH .. you get $10 or $5 each time they complete track 1.. that could be many times per day!!

Let’s say you refer just 2 people.. who complete track 1 twice in a day

That’s $40 in your pocket! (in a day!)”

If you can’t play video on your system go here

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When is the Launch?

As I write it will be 3 days from now on Monday 12th May 2014, so signup now and pay your one time only $10 registration fee.  Then transfer your funds of $25 plus your processor fees from either Egopay, Perfectmoney or Solidtrustpay into Trackyourincome so that you are ready to purchase a position straight away it launches.



Skype room is available and Charles Scoville as usual is here inspiring members and answering any questions as I write here.


My referral link

Act Fast!!! before someone joins ahead of you in this straight line cyclert Works


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The decision to join any program is yours alone. Due to the high yield/high risk nature of many of today’s internet-based programs; it is important that any funds placed are funds that you can afford to lose. is ONLY an informational blog and shall NOT be taken as a personal financial advice since we are NOT an investment advisor or U.S. dealer, trader, broker, or banker. Upon reading this blog, you hereby acknowledge this warning and Disclaimer. All programs referenced in this blog is only to provide researched findings, experiences and to inform free members, therefore, you agree that all information, communications, and materials you will find on this blog are intended only for informational and educational matter and NOT to be taken as an investment advice. All non passive or passive income programs contained on this website pose potential financial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all members. Any references to other websites must be carefully reviewed by the potential members, as is NOT liable for any results or outcomes.


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