Trackyourincome – Successful Launch People Earning With No Recruits

What a refreshing experience! Track Your Income Launch was the most successful I have ever come across in my on-line business experience.  I had been so privileged to find out about this business on Friday morning 9th May 2014, my friend Brian in Australia had left a message on my skype.  Normally I just don’t have time to look at all the offers people send me and also I am focussed on my other MLM projects like Vemma and FG Xpress..however something just told me to look at the video and did.  When I saw the website with videos and explanation by Charles Scoville who is promoting it.  My first thoughts was people who say they can’t recruit on-line will make money from this.  I have so much experience on-line and can see what will work. I am mega impressed with this program and so are many of my team.

The admin of Track Your Income is Beejay (Songpon) he has accepted my Skype request but he is really busy to talk. Mike Haggie who I have known on-line since May 2012 and others have contributed to the success of this program too.

Already just a day old they have made a way to make sure this is sustainable. How can they do this I hear you asking?

Everyone who joins this program and pays their $10 registration fee and buys there first position of $25 will receive $110 once they have been pushed through the cycles of Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3.

The first $25 that you earn in the program will be held by the program in the Fund Subscription Pool within your back office.

So when 30 days is up and you need to pay your monthly subscription, you will not have to look around to find that money because it will always be there in the program, so your monthly payments keeps you firmly in the program.

Then because this program needs new cycles and those are only obtain when people buy a position for $25 they will take out for every $100 you earn $25 and put that that in your weekly pool within your back office.

Admin did ask us to vote on this when we were in pre-launch and 220 sensible people including me voted and 25 voted for another option, but what we now have gives all members sustainability and longevity to earn a real good income.

Now don’t give up your day job just because of this program, but if you have never made money on-line well here is your chance and a very good chance this is.

#Money likes speed. That’s the secret few know about money. Money comes to those who act fast. If you think, wonder, question, doubt, plan, meet, discuss, or in any other way drag your feet, money goes to the next person in line.” ~ Joe Vitale

My personal success with the program so far

I have  been blessed with 50 people personal directs who have join my team since I came across this on 9th May and today is 13th May so all good. I cycled in my first 13 minutes Track 1 and then had over $125 earnings which I used to buy 5 more positions.  I am still trying to calculate now how much I have made so far. I bought 5 positions today at $125 which was available in my account balance and cycled all the way out of Track 3 this morning so that would have been total earnings of $110 on its own.  All I know I have made a lot and withdrew just $170 today, just for a $35 spend.  See video below each $25 position earns you $110.

How Was Prelaunch? What a Challenge

The pre-launch was incredible I had help so many people in my team who needed funds because they either did not have their SolidTrustPay (STP) account set up and needed funding or their account was pending because STP do not open at weekends.  So I was sent money via paypal and then had to send over to SolidTrustPay and then send internally to my team members..I will not even begin to tell you the performance from Saturday right up to 60 seconds before launch.  it was incredible and STP and Paypal can get funny when you are transferring large sums across lol, but I was blessed I have an STP Trust Card and that really helped me to add another card directly to my STP account which was verified immediately.  Then you can only transfer so much each day and you may have transfered funds at 11pm on Saturday night but Sunday morning is not a new day until after 11pm that night lol.

Myself and Gareth Owen a great team member battled through night after night to get everyone in that needed the funding.  It was good because in pre-launch we were able to do the funding internally, we worked so hard I did not even have time for lunch or dinner on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  I could not wait for the launch on Monday.  It was fun as it came to the launch time at 1pm GMT here in the UK and 8am Est in USA. We were all ready, everyone on Facebook could have heard a pin drop…then at exactly 00:00 on the website I hit the purchase button and bought my first position for $25.

I had so many people (men) chomping at the bit just before that, have you got my funds in yet? etc.,  I could not believe they came to my facebook late at 11am UK time lol saying I just saw your video I want to sign under you and can I get your link? can you get me funds? and I will send you paypal.  So I would have to go back and recalculate everything, the $ rate, the STP rate, my money from bank account, you name it, STP telling you your over your limited and so much more, talk about pressure – lol.  But true grit and persistence saw me through.  At the 60 second countdown counter on the website I was determined for a change to put myself first and focus for a full 60 seconds to get my position as fast as I could in the line.   I ended up at track no 295 which was great I had no clue about this until people were asking me later and then I had a chance to look.

I think Gareth went for a lie down after that and I ended up talking with Caroline Dondoua on my team for 1 hours and 44 mins on Skype lol, we needed a girly chat although it was still about the Trackyourincome business. It was nice to be able to breathe again and I eventually had breakfast about 6pm my Vemma autoship delivery came  and then lunch lol..that is how hard we work on-line believe me because we are always helping others.

I am so glad that Gareth and I cracked it, he got the funds from his team, I was getting funds from other members in my team and then it was sent to my paypal on mass. He had so many members joining by the dozen and now has 38 last count while I have 50.   It really was an incredible 3 days and then to have a Launch which was so perfect that really was the icing on the cake.  I have so many good players in my team there is Bernard McDonald and many more great members who I appreciate so much,  Bernard took the initiative and set up the Facebook group for all of us.

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Payment withdrawn today 13th May was instant to my Solid Trust Pay

DISCLAIMER: Amounts earned will vary based your work ethic. This does not imply you will end up with similar results.

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Testimonials from some of my team

Joshua J Schultz

Good morning to everyone! I am really impressed that they had a successful launch, there was not even a single glitch! Let’s applaud to their programmer who spent sleepless nights to make this program and launch a success. Actually, it’s my first time to see this program without a single glitch!

Total over $30K paid out so far! Cheers!

Brian Marshall Khumalo

Joshua, I have to agree with you, launches are always never smooth to a point that people almost never expect a smooth launch so this is a big deal for sure. Also the results so far are consistent, this a first on many fronts. I was sceptical at first to be honest because there is so much talk and less action with these types of businesses but I am pleasantly surprised. Let’s let the RESULTS SPEAK!! Best wishes for those that have taken the plunge, for the rest, we’ll hold the door open for you.

Neill Monks – zero- recruits

Hi Guys. Yesterday was a great a launch. I bought 2 positions ($60 incl. joining fee) One of them cycled all the way through and 1 cycled through 2 tracks.

I withdrew $80 that went straight into my STP, already in profit  and also bought 2 new positions. I currently have 9 positions in track 1 and 1 position in track 3.

Shubhashish Mendhe

Sandy…I can’t thank you enough…I am so Glad You told me abt TYI..I thought you are promoting this then there must be something great…So I got two positions and guess what ?? $140 in My Ewallet and after the 24 hours re entries…I will have $65 more that is $205.  [16:04:24] Shubhashish: I got paid instantly in a minute

Victoria Condecion – zero recruits

hey sandy… i already got 85$ in my balance and used it to purchase 3 more slots..i haven’t started promoting this one yet.. i want to show them proofs first of my income here…i now have total 8 slots..grateful to you for bringing this program to me…you’re an angel

Deb Williams

If I hadn’t experienced it I never would’ve believed it! It’s only been hours and I’ve already earned

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There are many Testimonials on the website too

I know Songpon since 2009 when his program sprintwealth was a huge success and he paid out all the withdrawals in time and many made huge from that program. I would blindly join any program if it is from Songpon, as I trust him, he is honest and withdrawals are always paid fast and we are seeing that with Adbonuz now. TYI Plan is simply awesome. – Richguy


Charles Scoville

I’ve worked with this admin before years ago, and loved working over a year in the program he ran before. Beejay is honest, hard working, and it will be a pleasure for you working on this project. Always fast, or instant payouts. These are going to be fantastic advertising services for all to enjoy for a while, so make sure you turn this into ONE of your advertising spots!

How does this program work


If you can’t play video on your system go here



When you join my team I get you added to our Facebook Group and Skype Room straight away so that you are fully supported 🙂

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Click here for my previous article on TrackYourIncome

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