FB Groups Poster v2 – Post To Facebook Groups On Auto Pilot

I love using my Facebook Groups Poster, it works every time and  it leverages my time while I can follow up with prospects for the  Programs and MLM Businesses that I am in.  People who have not connected with me in a while on Facebook see my posts and many new contacts come to connect with me too.  This tool to me is worth it’s weight in gold..and I would happily pay Sean Walters the creator $1 million if I had it for the time that it saves me 🙂

This version came out around 1st week of May 2014 and as I have so busy I thought I must do an update on all the features.  I created the video back on 11 April but Sean had to pull the version to just make some changes so the front screen is just a little different so I have not redone the video.  The main point in my video was to show you how to spin more than 1 Advert and more than 1 URL.  I have made that very clear and hope you find this useful.


FB Groups Poster Updated Version 2!
Use Fb Groups Poster To Post To Unlimited!
Facebook Groups On AutoPilot – Download NOW!
Just Some Of The New Features Added:-
*Spin unlimited Ad copy, URL’s, Photos!
*Join FB Groups by search term!
*Gather open groups and all groups!
*Ability take a break in between postings!
*Post using single or multiple photos!
*Select the groups which has e.g. 100 members!
*Bump A Post Up to the front page of group!
*New Price $49 one-time fee No monthly fees!
*Free lifetime Upgrades!
*Make 100% Commission on every other sale.

There are a lot more features being added by Sean and we all get free updates too.

To Purchase click here –>http://fbGroupsPoster.register-here.co/


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