Global Coin Reserve (GCR) – Crytocurrency Will Make You Money!!

Are You Ready For Cloud Mining on Autopilot? An Amazing Opportunity that will make you money at public launch!

A crytocurrency worth it’s weight in Gold!

Exclusive GCR coin!!

GCR is the 1st Crypto Currency Network Marketing Company!

No mining software is required on your own computer, this is all done for you through GCR servers. We are mining GCR coins around the clock passively.  The more coins you have the more money you will make when they GCR goes public December – January 2015. Each GCR coin is currently worth 0.39 cents.  When GCR goes public each coin has the potential to sell from $3 per coin, it could even be $5.  So if you are on the gold package like myself and receive 900 coins in 30 days by December/January you will have over 2,000 coins.  GCR are so generous on the Gold package I should be receiving 30 GCR coins each day, but already just in 2 days I have receive 416 into my wallet.  Once the public launch is underway in December – January 2015 the mining will decrease and the prices of each coin will go up due to demand. These coins will be back by Gold, so if you understand already that Gold as an asset you will realise that this is an incredible opportunity.

If you are serious about making money on line this is the business to get into and quickly too.

When you refer other people into this business you will get paid weekly commissions with Bitcoins and can exchange for cash.

CEO Robert Corriveau Tells Us About GCR – Webinar 2 September 2014

My Progress in less than 24 hours – with no recruits

FANTASTIC!! in less than 24 hours of joining as a Gold member my GCR account has done a great job on Autopilot – Coins Mined Last 24 Hours=125, truly amazing. Update today 26th September 2014 I now have 416 coins. Update today 4 October 2014 I now have 1313 coins.

There will be a public launch Dec 2014 – Jan 2015 and each coin will be worth a lot more than they do now, so check this all out quickly and ask me any questions that you may have after reading this article.

My referral link

How Secure Are My Coins?

Once you earn your coins they belong to you and are automatically stored in your wallet outside of GCR, so if the company ever went down you would still have your coins.  This tells me this company is solid and robust with a wealth plan to give us financial freedom.

We Work As A Team

My friends Kristina and Brian who bought me into this business have spoken fully with the company owners.  We all work as a team and have fantastic team support with Facebook group and Skype Room access.  Meet the corporate leadership team click here

Global Coin Reserve – Explanation of Comp Plan

One popular Crytocurrency is Bitcoin, what is it?

GCR Company Blog

To read more and do your due diligence click here

Good for info which is unbias on crytocurrency

My referral link

Act Fast!!!


1 Spain
2 United States
3 Cte Divoire
4 Australia
5 Nigeria
6 Guatemala
7 Denmark
8 Norway
9 Italy
10 United Kingdom
11 Sweden
12 Costa Rica
13 Canada
14 Panama
15 Croatia
16 El Salvador
17 Colombia
18 Portugal
19 Faroe Islands
20 Russian Federation
21 Mexico
22 Ireland
23 New Zealand
24 Brazil
25 Singapore
26 India
27 Dominican Republic
28 Philippines
29 Peru
30 Malaysia
31 Ghana
32 France
33 Togo
34 Viet Nam
35 Uruguay
36 Ukraine
37 Belgium
38 Bangladesh
39 Serbia And Montenegro
40 Thailand
41 Burkina Faso
42 Indonesia
43 Belize
44 Austria
45 South Africa
46 Netherlands
47 Uzbekistan
48 Chile
49 Uganda
50 Gambia
51 Palestinian Territory, Occupied
52 Romania
53 Kenya
54 Saudi Arabia
55 Latvia
56 Ecuador
57 Germany
58 Nepal
59 Runion
60 Nicaragua
61 Iceland
62 Bolivia
63 Finland
64 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of 1
65 Korea, Republic Of
66 Yemen
67 Pakistan
68 Georgia
69 Venezuela
70 Hong Kong
71 Turkey
72 Barbados
73 Japan
74 Algeria
75 Czech Republic
76 Hungary
77 Cuba


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