What Does It Take To Become An Entrepreneur?

To Become A Successful Entrepreneur You Need To Adapt To Change!

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Ambition. Discipline. Purpose. The Journey of Being an Entrepreneur with Gurbaksh Chahal

Is There A Scam Free Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

  • Is There a Scam Free Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?
  • Also What is Attraction Marketing?

Learn from the Fearless Online Entrepreners Tribe recorded Live Google Hangout Friday 6th December 2013

4 Steps To Success, Live Google Hangouts JV Partners Talking About Your Mindset

4 steps to successMy Good friend Deborah Barton-Birden based in Ohio, USA set up 4 Steps to Success after she saw the demise of Hourly Rev Share back in June 2013.  I had been asked by Deborah in January 2013 to join her as Admin/Moderator for the HRS Facebook Group which she had set up. She begged me to join her and although I was so busy doing the same for other groups, I decided I could not say no lol and accepted.  We worked so well together and I also got other admins on board who I thought were well suited to the role. When that whole business fell apart and many people to this day are still waiting to get their money back. Deborah decided that she had, had enough of other people’s programs ripping us all off, so she decided to release her own program which she had been working on for months prior to the day that HRS said it was closing it’s doors to members.

I was delighted when Deborah asked me in June 2013 to come on board as a Joint Venture (JV) Partner and because I am passionate about people, training and coaching them to be the best that they can be, it resonated with me so well what she was trying to do that I jumped on board.  We now have other JV’s  Andew Maplesden based in Australia, Julie Weishaar, Greg Lohr, Ernest Claybourne, Dave Marshall all based in the USA and with all of our different skills we all work very well together.

This is great training which anyone reading this can benefit from.  We tell our stories, our beliefs, our why’s, our passions to help you understand YOU!!

What Does Success Mean To You

What Is Your Why

Are You Stepping Into Your Dream Working Your Why

Writing Down Your Blueprint

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Learn the Habits of the Rich so you will Never be Poor!!

This Video Explains The Simple Facts on Why The Rich Get Richer And How You Can Avoid Your Mistakes And become Rich.

  • Why does the rich keep getting richer and richer?
  • What do they spend their money on?
  • How do they think?
  • What is it that they do differently?

Check this video to see and learn what to do so that you will never be poor.

Have Amazing Wealth!! Just Like the Rich

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Will AdHitProfits last? Listen to Legal Expert of 23 years who looked at the company

  • First a Webinar update from Charles Scoville CEO of AdHitProfits

Also for those of you who are wondering:

  • How long will AdHitProfits last?

  • Will it be shut down by the government?

  • Can you really make money legally?

Listen to a person of authority: John Rock , Compliance Officer for over 23 years, who has worked in over 19 countries including the  UK, Europe, USA, Canada and New Mexico, who knows our industry well as he has worked in the Direct Sales Industry for many many years.  He spends time looking at AdHitProfits, explaining the 6 guidelines which companies in our industry have to follow if they do not want to be shut down in the future.

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The Goldsmith’s Tale – History of Banking

An opportunity to understand the history of Banking as Financial Education has never been taught in schools. Great video for anyone wanting a basic understanding of how Banks work and how they came into existence. How they have always created money from nothing and may I add ripped us all off. However they would probably call that business 🙂 I came across this in 2009 but at last have found a home for it on this blog.