Sandy Grey’s Testimonial

Sandy Grey – Director, IT Trainer and Accredited Life Coach – Kleeneze Testimonial

In my first 4 week period I achieved personal retail sales of £2,835.34 and received my first cheque of £1,018.92.  I have also been recognised for the third bonus level of the business at 15%.

I started my Kleeneze business on Monday 4th April 2011. I did not even have my kit, but, thanks to my sponsor, I had 50 catalogues.  I just did ‘what it said on the tin’.  I watched all the videos and read the testimonials and I was convinced that I would achieve success in this business before I started it.  What was there to stop me? Nothing, just myself, so I got on with it. I presented 50 catalogues locally on the Monday and picked up £169 orders on Wednesday.  On the Wednesday and Thursday I had presented 53 catalogues and picked up a £221 in orders. I achieved the Fast Start Bonus in 1 week (instead of 3 weeks) with total retail sales £390.  I then started my first full period on Friday 8th April.  When this ended on Thursday 12th May I had achieved retail sales of £2,835.34.  In my first 6 weeks of the business I have over 170 customers and one team member who started this week.

Kleeneze is a fantastic business, if you are prepared to work hard, be professional, talk and build relationships with people and give good customer service, you can’t lose.   The catalogue does the selling for you.

You may ask yourself – Why on earth would I, a Director, IT Trainer and Accredited Life Coach, who has trained most of the UK’s private and public sector companies for over 20 years, who can earn £3,500 – £5,000 a month, start a Kleeneze business?    I finished an IP Telephony contract on January 14th 2011 and had the NHS interviewed me for a contract on the phone. The next day the Government was on the TV announcing cutbacks, so the contract went internal.  I had money to last me three months to pay all my outgoings.  By the end of March I was very much down to my last £1,000, so I had to do something and quick.  “Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got” – Jim Rohn.  I searched the internet had a phone call from John who lives in Preston, Lancashire, and who is now my mentor and we both quickly recognised that we both valued Personal Self Development.  I love my IT and Life Coaching business which I will continue with, but I recognised I needed residual income instead of linear.  You can’t rely on the government for the future, they have conned us all and will continue to do so.   Instead of sitting back and accepting it, I decided I was going to go against the tide and WIN.  It is so amazing to find such a wonderful and genuine opportunity like Kleeneze; I call it my acre of diamonds.  Previously, I had tried many networking marketing businesses over the years swearing I’d never touch it again, because until now I never found the right vehicle to give me financial freedom.  The Slight Edge Philosophy – there is a natural progression to everything in life – you plant, you cultivate then you harvest.  Start with yourself then help other people to be free and not be a slave to debt.

How can I find out more about this opportunity? Click the link – if you like what you see and hear contact me on 0800 206 1360 or visit