Kleeneze New Year Launch at NIA 2012

Pat is determined to have a BMW in the future…go girl…live your dreams 🙂

What a Star…Pat is going all the way to get her BMW convertible

Richard McCann a brilliant speaker with a great story…it blew us all away and to top it off he gave away his latest book developed for Kleeneze and also signed it personally…Thank You Richard

Sandy with Motivational Speaker and Author Richard McCann at NIA, Kleeneze New Year launch 2012


You can have earn unlimited residual income when you start to build a team in this business…give it time, some will stick at it, some will leave, but set your goals and keep your eyes on the horizon.

My sponsors: John & Janice Halsall with Sandy

Graham, Lindy & Pat

Ian, John (my sponsor), & Pat