Leaf ItApp – Leafit New Business Overview


Leafit New Business Overview February 2014

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Monetise Your Social Media Content Join Leafit For Free App And Make Money

LeafItLogoDon’t miss out on this opportunity as a F*R*E*E Affiliate you can make money just doing what you are already doing, sharing your content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,

How does the Leafit It App work? How will I be able to make money?

Please click the video below to see for yourself.

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Monetizing your Social Media just got easier with Leafit It App.
A unique Mobile App that will disrupt the market place created  by http://www.fueled.com, a company renown  for the best apps in the market place, they are ex-employees of Microsoft and Apple.

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As a Free Affiliate, for the first time ever, you will be able to make money just by sharing your content with this free app, something you are already doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc., but not getting paid for it.

Free Affiliates earn a 10% Sales Commission on all direct Sales.

Become a Leafit Associate and Earn More:

By simply paying a $40 monthly Builder Package, a Leafit Associate opens up additional earnings potential within our 3×9 Forced Matrix and 9 levels of Sales Commissions from all direct Sales.

Monthly Builder Package Includes:

– $100 in Advertising
– Back Office
– Sales Funnels
– Distributor Support

Join early to get your spot in the matrix before the masses do!

Signup for F*R*E*E right NOW http://easymoney.register-here.co

3×9 Forced Matrix

To activate Matrix earnings, Associates will simply recruit 1 other Associate and begin to earn commissions on levels 1, 2 and 3. Recruit just 2 more Associates and earn commissions on all 9 levels of our 3×9 Forced Matrix.

Review Our Compensation Plan

Click to access LeafitCompPlan.pdf

Income Disclosure Statement

Click to access LeafIDS.pdf

Signup for F*R*E*E right NOW http://leafitapp.register-here.co

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