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There are so many struggling on-line internet marketers who never make any money.  If you are one of them reading this please read on as I have found a service that can change all of that for you.

I came across this through one of my friends on facebook posting an advert with a video a couple of days ago.  I had just started to watch My Top Tier video to check out that business recommended from a friend as she knows that I am an Accredited Life Coach.  As I was doing this I noticed my friend Paul posting for the second day running a video in a facebook group, I was curious so stopped to see what it was about.  He explained it briefly and I then sent him a personal message asking him if it was My Top Tier and he said no.  So I continued to watch My Top Tier video and then when I finished I asked him what it was and he told me Real Marketing Masters and explained it.  I said these two businesses are so similar and could not understand why that was so.

However in my on-line research for a few hours I was soon able to work that it out. I soon realised that the owners of Real Marketing Masters Tich Darangwa and Gloria Ward and My Top Tier owner Matt Lloyd have all been trained and mentored by the best in the industry who knows about traffic none other than 6 figure income earner Daegan Smith.  Tich Darangwa and Gloria Ward who both give Daegan the praise for their knowledge on a video I found and that is how I was able to connect them.  I also found out that Gloria and Tich have extensive knowledge of driving on-line traffic and marketing for many years. This got me excited.

When my friend Paul shared with me that he has made $900 in his first month then $1,000 in his second month…I got even more excited.  How can that be that he made so much in his first month? Well all he did was join the Real Marketing Masters Crush It Program as  a Partner and he and everyone who buys in gets a profit share every 30 days paid directly to their bank account or straight onto their Payoneer card.  Gloria and Tich have already done 6 figures in profit which they share out equally to members each month. I believe there are 800 members so with everyone buying in they are able to buy an enormous amount of high quality traffic at the lowest prices which benefits all of us.

This Program is totally “HANDS OFF” 100% DONE-FOR-YOU, if you want it to be.

Crush It Partnership Co-op Program

This is the Crush It Partnership Co-op Program – which is an extensive business plan to help you build a 1.2 million dollar on-line business.  This is a 100% Done For You Program and the check list below is done for us by Tich, Gloria and their team.

  • Drive all traffic
    • They will use all of their traffic sources to place targeted relevant and high converting to drive traffic to increase your conversions.
  • Call all leads using a professional call centre
    • Their professional phone team will personally pick up the phone and call and close all of your leads
  • Track all your leads
    • Tracking is what saves you money. They will track all of the ads to see what’s working now.
  • Handle all email followup
    • They will send follow-up to those leads who have not yet taken the plunge to help get you sales
  • Create and tweak all capture pages
    • They will test capture pages for each target audience and choose the best and highest converting to boost profits.
  • Handle all copying writing for all ads and sales letters
    • They have the best in house copywriters to help produce top notch engaging content to keep your leads coming back for more.
  • Hold high converting webinars for your prospects
    • Our high impact high value webinars will have your prospects begging to give you their money. Each webinar will be filled with value and information to help make it easy for your prospects to say YES
  • Pay you profits
    • At the end of the month we would have done all the work and you get PAID! We will share in the profits from the sales we make from the Co-op.

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As a struggling marketer you can use this program to put money in your pocket within 30 days, while you go through the training which is provided in your back office.  So after confidently checking everything out and knowing it is not a scam as I don’t have money to lose I paid $997 on my debit card to become a partner as I know the price is going up which could be $1,400 any day now…so I am rushing this article out today.

The  breakdown of the $997, the “100% Done For You” part of the program costs $497, and the balance you are paying for advertising and traffic $497.   Each month you would pay just $497 for advertising and traffic. However the profit share that you will get back each month will still give you a profit which can only go up.   This is so powerful for the members which I know is around 800 at the moment so do the maths $397,600 as an advertising budget each month.  Gloria and Tich’s  extensive skill of marketing and driving traffic has made this all possible..and what do all of us on-line marketers need? Traffic!! and to have a team call the leads for us which we have not supplied ourselves just shows this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants an on-line business that can make them money in their first month.

New Entry Level

Just getting this update as listening to a webinar that the new entry level to join the Crush It Partnership Co-op Program will be $497,  monthly $197 and the $997 that I paid for will go up to $1,497 this week.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

When you join Real Marketing Masters as a Partner, you can then sign up as a free Affiliate.  Many successful on-line marketers who are able to promote and market their business because they have the skills wanted an Affiliate program available to them.  Real Marketing Masters has realised this and has given people the opportunity to earn a affiliate commission on top of their “Done For You” profit share.

When you sign up another affiliate you will earn $398.  When they signup someone on their team on your 2nd Tier Level you will earn $99.  The rest of the money goes into the profit pool to be shared out with members.

Commissions are paid out on the 15th of the month and the profit share  for the “Done For You” part of the program is paid out 30th of each month.

If you want to sit back and let the company do the work you can.  However from day 1 of  joining as a partner you can learn from extensive training which is in your back office (screen shot above) at your own pace.  I have seen the 1.2 Million Dollar Blueprint  document in my back office, which they take you through in the training videos, all step by step.  Very high value training, but this is optional if you wish to have 100% hands off.

Invest In Yourself

Treat this business as an investment in yourself, if you went on a training course with  a 6 figure income earner training you, you would have to pay a lot more.

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Tich & Gloria and also Stefon have been great in getting over information to me straight away after the sign up process they wanted me to make sure I had set up my Payoneer and got everything sorted so that I can receive payment at end of the month.

Top Internet Marketers Toby & Layla who I admire had this to say about Daegan Smith

“Does Daegan Smith Actually Generate 1000 leads a day?

Actually, it’s more. Daegan’s best day was a little over 2600 leads in 1 day. He showed us his back office, this is no hype. His students provide tons of testimonials that his Online Marketing teachings actually work. He is definitely a Network Marketing Rockstar!

The thing that sets Deagan Smith apart from the other “Gurus” in the Internet Marketing industry is that he gets results. 2600 Internet Marketing Leads a day is a little more than results! Here’s the catch… he is willing to show you exactly how he does it.

You guys know that Toby and I are always sharing our top MLM Online Marketing strategies with you guys, so when Daegan stopped by for a 96 Minute TELL ALL Webinar… there was no way we could keep this secret from our followers!

The fact that he didn’t charge a thing for this information is insane!”
excerpt from their blog

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