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Committed People Helping People to Prosper 🙂 !!

This is all about YOU ….Finally! – We have found a fast, flexible and affordable home based business model that anyone can be successful with and it’s called … Rocket Cash Cycler!

For a very low admission price of just $50 everyone who joins the Rocket Cash Mini Feeder receives the ability to promote our system and earn Extremely Fast Commissions with it, anytime!


Your Fast-Track System Into The Rocket Cash Cycler!

Once you join our team build, the Admin will place you in the 2 x 2 Matrix.

Your first completed cycle buys you an E-Pin for a Half Position in the Rocket Cash Cycler Program (1 of 2 seats) worth $157.50 PLUS a $50 re-entry in the Rocket Cash Mini Feeder system.

That’s just the beginning because in addition to your E-Pin and automatic paid re-entry, you also earn a generous $30 sponsor bonus each time one of your personally/direct sponsored members who is placed under you by the Admin team cycles THEIR matrix … And it gets even better STILL!

NOW on all subsequent matrix cycles you can make a FAST $157.50 (take the cash or get another E-Pin to pay it forward) over and over again in a true follow your sponsor fashion with this extremely fast 2×2 Forced Matrix System!

Here’s How Our Remarkably Fast 2X2 Matrix Compensation Model Works!


The Admin Team opens a new 2×2 matrix with 6 spots that need to be filled with referrals in order to complete the matrix and cycle. “Cycling” is referred to as a completion of your downline, meaning that the 6 positions under you have been filled. These six positions are filled with new members by the Admin Team of the Rocket Cash Cycler Mini Team Build.  Two of these members will become your personal/direct referrals and they will follow you permanently through each matrix.

Every single time you complete a matrix, you earn $157.50 in Cash or E-Pins and get a FREE re-entry back into the Rocket Cash Mini System, (a $50 value) thereby opening a new 2×2 matrix under your team helping them to cycle as well. Each time one of your two personal/direct referrals complete a matrix, you get a generous $30 sponsor bonus.

When Others Join You Earn Even Faster & We Pay Daily!

When your two personal/direct referrals from your previous matrix cycle, they will then be placed under you in your new matrix. All members will always follow their sponsor, so as time passes, you will begin to complete cycles faster and faster, while getting paid a $30 sponsor bonus on the efforts of your personal/direct referrals.

Since your personal/direct referrals are now in a true follow me matrix, imagine cycling multiple times daily. That’s potentially $100’s or more per month just for cycling! Add your personals plus buy-in positions and it’s well into the $1000’s.

Rocket Cash Mini pays out daily to your PAYZA and STP account so members can earn significant amounts of income by simply referring new members to this money making system.

We don’t have to ask if this would help pay your gas, rent, grocery, car and house payments … And you’ll have EARNED it because you didn’t hesitate! You took immediate action with a smart one-time investment! … Join our team drive now to get it all –PLUS– receive additional bonuses only available in the members area!

Earn Cash, E-Pins & Unlimited $30 Bonuses!

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Admin: Alkis Hilton on Skype id: Alkis.Hilton

A Skype Room is also available for members and non-members wanting to discuss the this program.

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