Vemma MLM Join VIP Leaders Globalwide Inner Circle

http://sandygrey.onlinenutritionbiz.comI have been given a great opportunity which fits very well with me. Instead of having to spend time chasing people to join my business, on the Vemma MLM Project which I was introduced this past week, we have 100% Automation for Recruiting Prospects and access to over 100 Call Centres, which will follow up prospects and put them into our business. If you love to build relationships with prospects and cultivate leaders then this is all you will need to do after they join you and point them to training. This makes this system duplicable for everyone joining. Once you have built rapport with your prospects there is nothing to stop you up-selling them into any other on-line business that you may be involved with.

If you are new to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) / Network Marketing and want to join a team which will enable you to learn from top industry 8 figure income earners, and grow a solid business – part time if you wish, which will give you time and financial freedom in the near future then you have come to the right place. If you would like to learn how to become a leader are coach-able and prepared to learn then please fill in your information on this link so that you can view the 4 short videos about Vemma.

Vemma VIP Leaders Inner Circle

I now list here some of the members of this Exclusive VIP Leaders Inner Circle Team which I am now a member of, here with their expertise.

How would you like to be part of our Exclusive VIP Inner Circle?

Working with just 4 talented people for starters who have put this system together – here is their expertise:-

1.  Josh – A Lead Generation guru who earns 7 figure income many times over

  • Has his own pay per click traffic network
  • Who has created over 50 automated marketing systems
  • Earns $65k per month from another MLM with a team of 40,000+
  • Who moves with people that make $250k to $1M+ per month

2. Dwight Chambers – A Call Centre guru who has access to over 100 call centres

  • Who earns 8 figure income many times
  • Owner of bars and restaurants
  • Has his own medical supplies business
  • Has access to over 100 call centres
  • Has revived Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Dish Network, and Directv
  • Has placed 300,000 paid up members into the MLM company Pre-Paid Legal

3.  John & Nadya Melton –  6 figure income earner,

  • They have made millions with several MLM’s
  • This is all great! But their team were not able to duplicate his success.
  • He also never had time freedom, always out doing a Home Party.

4. Paul Mercier

  • His achievements have even caught the eye of Donald Trump who personally recognized him at an ACN function.
With these guys and by the way our Call Centre scripts are being written by Eric Worre I am now working with the Creme Del La Creme of the MLM Industry. Instead of spending time on recruiting I will now be able to build a business on autopilot using  Social Media to leverage my time with the right people who have the expertise to build the systems correctly that works and get results.

What would you do to have a business where you get quality leads sent to your marketing system which is then followed up and closed by a call centre?

If you are a 6 figure income earner it is only you at the top!

This 100% automated system is only accessible to our Exclusive VIP Inner Circle.


How Much Will This Cost Me to Join Vemma?

A buy in of $500 and just $20 per month for the marketing system which will allow you to build a business on auto-pilot and then if you wish to you can up-sell your new member into any other business you are doing. Remember you and your new team member will have more time as you no longer need to so any recruiting.

For this reason alone I joined because I love to built rapport with people and make money and this way you can spend the time on what you like doing instead of having to chase prospects left, right and centre.


How Will The Automation Process Work for Vemma?

Josh and Dwight are currently setting up this process exclusively for our team:

  1. Daily AUTOMATED Webinars for all prospects.
  • Attendees will think they are seeing someone host live.
  • All of your attendees will be connected to your referral link.
  1. WE will be blasting our leads from 5 different angles!!

Here is the process for recruiting prospects into your Vemma business:

  1. Someone opts into your capture page
  2. and they receive a text message with your mobile site
  3. and phone broadcast – voice mail message
  4. and auto-relayed to call centre in real time
  5. and follow up auto responder messages that are set-up by our experts

that’s how we crush it with lead generation by attacking all mediums in social media


Vemma Leaders 1st Ever Leaders Google Hangout

This is the Google hangout that just told me that I can spend time connecting with new people that drop into my Vemma business, steer them to training and they have the opportunity to buy in to get their leads too a fully duplicable system, build rapport with these people that is all that is needed and then up-sell them into any of your primary businesses.

1st Hangout with, John Melton 6 figure income earner, Justin Poletti, Paul Mercier, Shayn McFarland, Charles Andrade, Pippa Wiles, Dawn Newman, Tina LaDuke

Vemma Compensation Plan

I have never seen a compensation plan explained so easily and professionally

Vemma European 1st Leaders Google Hangout 7 April

1st European Hangout with, Charles Andrade USA, Sandy Grey UK, Brian Marshall Khumalo (Ireland), Paul G Farmer (USA), Frode – Norway, Jonhny – Haiti, Tina LaDuke USA,  Julius Daniel – USA.

With the power of automation through Leads and our Call Centres, we will dominate the VEMMA network marketing business together!

Vemma Overview

Please get in touch as soon as possible if this Vemma project is of interest to you. Thank You! Please fill in your details here too to be taken through an overview of Vemma JOIN TODAY!

On a $500 Affiliate Package To Get Free Leads and Call Centre To Close! I would prefer if you contact me first because depending on your location worldwide we need to make sure that you choose the right package to qualify in Vemma. I would also like to speak with you and get your questions answered too. However, here is my Vemma Product site for you to browse through the product range.

On joining Vemma you would then sign up for your automated Marketing System and be added to the Lead Rotator which will go through to the Call Centre. Once again there is a specific way of signing up for this and I would like to be able to guide you.

So please go here first and take Step 1 I look forward to connecting with you soon if you feel this opportunity is right for you 🙂 If this is not for you please could you forward onto a friend who may be interested. Many Thanks!


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