FB Groups Poster – Post To Facebook Groups On Auto Pilot


Click the link below to view further videos full of information and to purchase

Click Here http://fbGroupsPoster.register-here.co

Sean Walters the creator of FB Groups Poster explains everything in detail of how it works on each video on the above link.

I have been so desperate trying to find a product for posting Ads to Facebook Groups that works.  I saw Yvonne Turner constantly posting on Facebook and sent her a message to asked her what she was using.  She was great at explaining it all. So I purchased it on Friday morning 7th March.  This great Affiliate product does it all..I am so impressed.

It allows you to:

  • Join Facebook groups on Auto-Pilot
  • Gathers all the Facebook Groups that you have joined in a text file on Auto-Pilot
  • Post your Adverts, with a Picture and URL links to Facebook Groups, all on Auto-Pilot.

There is no monthly fee, a one time cost of $47 (it increases on 15th March 2014 so get in quick to save money), and once you buy you get free updates for the product.

When I used the Gather feature I made sure that I did a sweep through the file to make sure groups which were not applicable to on-line businesses were removed.  This is something that some people never do and this can annoy groups admins to no end.  I have always been fairly tolerate because I know this can happen, but hopefully reading this people will now know they need to check the groups they are posting to, otherwise they can be banned.

So This Can Save You Valuable Time  Get This Great Product PURCHASE BEFORE 15th MARCH 2014 at $47.

This is a note I put on my Facebook wall on Monday morning, as I has the Poster working for me overnight posting to over 200 groups on 120 seconds (2 minute) intervals.

“NO! Friends! I was not chained to Facebook All weekend Posting Ads To Groups LOL I have found freedom away from my Laptop – Bliss. My new Tool FB Groups Poster Works and is a dream that I have been looking for – at last something that works and does all the heavy lifting for me while I sleep or play. PURCHASE IT BEFORE 15th March 2014 before the price jumps with version 2 currently $47 and worth every penny.

I can’t thank Sean Walters enough who created it.”

Click the link http://fbGroupsPoster.register-here.co

Sean Walters explains everything in detail of how it works on each video on the above link.


Affiliate Commissions earns you 100% – A nice surprise:
Earn $47 for every other sale…I have already made two sales, one went to Sean the creator and the other was paid directly to my Pay Pal account. Two of my Facebook contacts ordered and paid without telling me and I was surprised to see two payments in my account earlier today. Nice 🙂


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22 Social Awesome! Mobile Friendly App For Facebook Users

WOW!! loving this cool App I came across on 16th September 2013.  I was setting up a new Fanpage on Facebook and realising that the Static iFrame Tabs that anyone can insert into your Facebook Fanpages, were not been seen by users of Firefox browsers.  I just came across this App on a friend’s page and just wondered wondered what it did. So I did my research on YouTube and decided this was for me. I loved the video that I saw and have put here for you to watch.   So if you are a business who is using Facebook for selling your products 60% of Facebook mobile device users plus Firebox users will not see your product. So to me that was enough for me to look in depth at this product.  So many features excited me;

  • The  Social Relationship Manager where visitors who are interested in your offer can click to either ask for more information, or they can download your offer to get started straight away, with their details now in your SRM you can now setup your Marketing system to build your list to market to them other products in the future.
  • I was able to set up a Live Google Hangout for my AdExperts business on my Fanpage and also stream it Live through to several other Fanpages where I am Admin.  That just blew me away. I love technology and just could not find any fault with 22 Social, it is a truly great product.
  • The company does free training in their product every Tuesday.
  • How much does this cost? You can try out the Pro version which I am using, which gives you everything at $2 for 30 days WOW!! what a great deal.  If you like it and share with 3 people in your first month the $22 monthly fee will be waived and for every month that you have 3 people paying.

Click here to download the App for $2 for 30 days

Click to watch video

Click here to download the App for $2 for 30 days

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