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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a newbie who is looking for a way to make money on-line using the internet?
  2. Have you been on-line but have never made any money?
  3. Do you struggle to get people to join your on-line businesses?
  4. I hate recruiting! is that you?
  5. If a business was designed for you that showed you exactly step-by-step how you can make money on-line in a few hours to a day or week would you take a look?
  6. If a business gives you exact step by step instructions are you prepared to follow the instructions and take action? If your answer is yes,
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If you are like me and would like to see how to start your own legal and ethical Drop Shipping business in greater detail then please invest your time and watch the full video of 2 hours and 44 minutes.  I did 🙂 and it got me excited because of the professional step-by-by step training, the ethics and legalities and with no constant up-selling from the owners to make more money.  This business is certainly about us!! make money quickly without ever recruiting.

My Experience of DS Domination

I started DS Domination on Sunday 1st December after coming across the above video on Youtube.  I had been told about it back in October, but was not really interested as I had never used eBay, but I thought it would be good for people who had very little money or no money to start a business.  As I get so many people coming to me on Facebook asking how they can start a business, I thought this would be ideal.  However, I knew I would have to join and look at it first so that I could see if it was legal and ethical before I could start to recommend it to others.  In my honest opinion, I have never come across a business like it with these amazing guys Roger Langille CEO, Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.  They are just so ethical, honest, professional and excellent trainers.  They just go the extra mile on every training webinar and have a vast wealth of knowledge which they are willing to share.  Roger has made a 6 figure income for the past 10 years with this business of Drop Shipping.  His extensive wealth of knowledge will allow anyone with the desire to become wealthy and financial free if they are prepared to just follow the training modules in DS Domination and take action.  There are different levels that you can upgrade to once you are making money you decide when you want to take your business to the next level.   Roger will take you to the level where you are selling your own products on Amazon.  This business is set up for you to win and that is very rare 🙂 all you have to do is step up and follow the path.

 –>Watch the Free Video, then click Get Started Now to join my team.  If you have any queries before you join click here to contact me

Using eBay and Amazon To Get My First Sales

I had never used eBay before I had to find someone to advise me if I could just start with eBay UK and Amazon UK.  I was able to get that advice knowing that in 90 days time I can also use the eBay.com and Amazon.com for my business.  On 2nd December I did my very first listing on eBay UK.  To my delight two days later on 4th December I had my first  two sales on eBay.  Then I had another sale on the 5th December and another on the 6th so 4 sales in 5 days and I have only just started.

Item sold on ebayOn receiving the notification email from eBay, I went to my Amazon account and shipped the product to the customer who had already paid me by Paypal.  As this is my first time selling on eBay, I will have to wait 21 days before my money is released from Paypal. Luckily I enough money in another account to pay Amazon for the product. If you have already watched the video you will know that is process is called Drop Shipping which is all legal and even Amazon themselves drop ships other suppliers products to customers.  This is all covered in the training webinar by Roger and Hitesh.

I can honestly say that I have never been so impressed with great training from Roger Langille CEO of DS Domination, Kevin Hokoana and also Hitesh Juneja.  Here is a testimonial that I placed in one of the Facebook Groups.

testimonial 2

All I did was follow simple instructions within my DS Domination back office and took action.  Many people in life will read all the personal development books on the planet and others know every single scripture in the bible word perfect, however knowing and reading all this information is of no use if you do not put it to use.  You only because a success when you use the information and take action. So are you ready to step up an change your life and your circumstances?

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Update on Retail Sales for DSD Members

Retail sales completed on a whole for DSD

Support and Training

Everything is set up for you to win with this business.  Just using the DS Domination back office gives you all the training that you need, the backoffice shows you each training module as you upgrade to each level with weekly webinars.  Incredible tools provided as Roger, Kevin and Hitesh has been in this industry just like us and have been on the same path, so with all their experience they have added all the tools and training that we need to have a successful business.  They are both motivational trainers too.

When you join my team you are added to Facebook groups so you can ask and connect with others and we also have a skype room which you can be added to.   I signed up my first affiliate Andy in Australia who is also in my other on-line businesses and when I showed him the 2 hours 44 mins video he thought it would suit him so he  joined in my first week.

So this business is set for you to take it to the highest level.  Once again if you have not already done so  –>Watch the Free Video, then click Get Started Now to join my team.  If you have any queries before you join Click here to contact me



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