Penny Matrix Earnings Update 2014 And 279+ Million Missionaries Joining

279 Million Joining Penny Matrix Tracy Davison confirming with Lois, Bill & Charles

Plan to bring the missionaries in Lois, Bill & Charles – [Just a note to say that Lois, Bill and Charles are my personal Facebook friends who I connected with long before this all came about with the missionaries joining]

We all expected 250,000 to join the Penny Matrix by December 2013 through the recruiting efforts of Pinoy Recruiters set up by Tracy Davison and this will happen I am sure but it has taken a lot of belief from the Filipino team to believe that they are capable.   Some of them have been fired or demoted and we have agonised with Tracy in his efforts to serve us.  It has been hard work for him but he has the belief that he will achieve his great aim of producing 10,000 recruiters working for Pinoy and them in turn delivering 5 paid signups every day to give us 50,000 each day in the Penny Matrix.  So 50,000 x 5 = 250,000 per week.  As we are in the early bird zone within Penny Matrix we only need 250,000 to fill our matrixes. He has now opened up positions for people in 92 countries including the UK, USA who are coming on board and taking up the challenge to set up teams of people to do the 7 step Facebook Marketing which will bring in the recruits and in turn will join our Penny Matrix.  Tracy’s CFO100 personnel named Reid has set this up so that anyone joining to recruit people for Pinoy Recruiters will be able to get paid weekly through I-Payout e-wallet, which is the best e-wallet for any online business.  I use I-Payout frequently in my other businesses such as AdExperts and Xplocial. I have many friends and team members on-line that has made the decision to jump on board so that they can earn some money whilst waiting for the matrix of 250,000 to fill out.


We are blessed because of the Missionaries who want to join this will be our saving grace and the millions will start to come in this week.  Some missionaries joined at the end of 2013 when it was announced, and then they had their Christmas break and are now back in full swing.   So if you are still waiting around thinking this not going to happen you need to think again and take action.  This came as a great surprise and joy to many of us when this was all released about the missionaries joining, the figure of 279 million is much much higher than I have put here and Lois and Bill who have set this up are saying that it is not 1% or 2% that will join but nearer 80% which is just mind blowing.  However I decided to keep all the videos and information within my team and only for people who found me on Google who were interested in joining.

Tracy Davison’s Transparency and Honesty

Tracy Davison without any doubt in my mind is very open, honest, and transparent on his whole operation and many of us are on his Facebook wall daily to get updated videos on daily progress been made by Pinoy Recruiters.  He really is a humble man who wants to change people’s lives. My good friend Michael Smith was made CEO for Pinoy Recruiters last year and has left his home in Manchester, England, UK to go and work for Tracy.   I do have personal chats with him on Facebook, but none of us are worried about anything because it is all there publicly on video for us to all see the progress that is being made.  Tracy is very good at giving people personal development and he has given this to his recruiters at Pinoy Recruiters and also to the clients who have decided to purchase recruits for their Penny Matrix.  Some people have been anxious and have been negative but Tracy answers all questions and because we are watching the constant video updates we are well informed.  Some people don’t watch these and then decide to have a rant and be negative, which people will then point out to them to go and watch the videos to get the latest updates, so there is no excuse.


These videos updates from Tracy have been available since September but we have been asked not to broadcast publicly but to only people who are in Penny Matrix or who have found me on-line via e.g. Google and have expressed their interest in joining. These videos will be all part of his TV Show 60 sec Millionaire being aired in the Philippines from February 2014, showing how he takes a very poor person from the rice fields and brings them to prosperity in the Philippines.  The world will see his whole journey and ours and how we as clients took part in an awesome vision of one man.

God knows Tracy’s heart and what he is trying to achieve by giving so many people abundance so that they in turn will have more to give others, ending poverty around the world, this is his aim.  Lois who has been a missionary has always cried in her sleep wanting to help the same people who are starving, and as you and I know there is enough food for everyone in this world, but we have the  so called Elite and their agenda who prevents this from happening. So Tracy and Lois coming together to take a stand is just AWESOME!!

However I have decided to release all the information about the missionaries joining because it is nice for people who currently subscribe to my blog or people who have no clue about any of this to find this information where they can once again go through my Penny Matrix articles in the past year and do their own due diligence with the information I have provided.

I realised from a phone call that I had with my new friend Qadeer in the UK this week that people are relying on my blog for updated information.  I had been so busy that I had not even posted my Penny Matrix earnings since October and I know realise that people want that information to know that Penny Matrix is still in existence and is still paying out and yes it is I can assure of you that.  I have personally sponsored 70 people and have given away 18 to my team, so I have not personally ordered paid signups from Pinoy Recruiters as I am able to recruit myself.


My Earnings for Penny Matrix Since I started 28th July is below, I have also set up 3 additional accounts, all these payments have been received by my Paypal (except December which will be paid out on 1oth January 2014)

PM from 28th July to 31 Dec 2013

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