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There are three types of people in this world:

  • those who make things happen,

  • those who watch things happen

  • and those who wonder what happened.

The above quote is by Mary Kay Ash one of my favorite authors whose autobiography I read when I started my Mary Kay Business back in 1994.

My latest take on a great opportunity

This is Absolutely crazy!!! I am for the first time in my life right in front of a WAVE!!! With my eyes wide open so I am not missing this opportunity for anyone.  I am positioned in this great business opportunity 3rd level down from the two creators of this revolutionary Advertising online magazine which will stand out from the norm.  Matthew Toren CEO of AdExperts and Daniel Butts who is the developer.

There is my 1st level business associate doing the beta-testing, and my 2nd level sponsor and business partner who had  a similar, experience with a similar program, then me and my team. You could not get closer to the top than that. Thousands of MLM, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Offline businesses are already lining up for pre-launch on 4th Sept, millions do not know about this yet, public Launch has now changed to 15th September by Matthew Toren as he heard many of us wanted more time to build our downlines. This will happen with or without you. I am looking for like-minded people who have vision.

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Who Will Benefit From AdExperts HomeBusiness Giant Online Magazine?

There are so many people around the world who work in Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), which some call Network Marketing.  There are also many online and off-line companies and individuals who are looking to advertise their business to attract recruits and customers.  Without Advertising the heart of the world economy is dead.

Here are a host of MLM companies who can only benefit from the AdExperts new HomesBusinessGiant online magazine.  We are looking for leaders from these companies who would like to take a look at this opportunity to promote their primary businesses in a new revolutionary way.

  • 5LINX
  • ACN Inc.
  • Avon Products
  • Empower Network
  • Herbalife
  • Kleeneze
  • Mary Kay
  • Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Organo Coffee
  • Oriflame
  • Power Lead System
  • Pure Leverage
  • Shaklee Corporation
  • Success University
  • Tahitian Noni
  • Telecom Plus
  • USANA Health Sciences
  • Vemma
  • ViSalus
  • WakeUp Now
  • XanGo and many others

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